Host Family Letter

Dear Hostfamily,

I am Jenny, a 18 years old girl from Moenchengladbach in Germany and I would love to be your au pair. Moenchengladbach is a town with a population of 260.000 near Duesseldorf. I live with my mother and my stepfather in a small row house. My neighborhood consists of a lot of families with young children, so during the summer the children play outside either in the backyard or on the street. Sometimes they ask me to come outside and we play soccer, draw on the streets with chalk or do other outdoor activities.
My hobbies are reading, bicycling, dancing, meeting my friends and watch games of the icehockey team from Duesseldorf.
Since 2007  I am a Cheerleader and I love it. Two times per week we have training and often on weekends we have got appearances. One aspect why I like to be a Cheerleader is to dance as a team and not alone. I am a team player and very disciplined and these are the most important facts to be a good Cheerleader. Also of course I love to dance and every time when I hear music I start to dance, becaucse it is the biggest hobby of mine.
When I meet my friends we go shopping, go to the cinema or go out for a dinner.

My mother Petra is 44 years old and works as sales associate at deli. My stepfather Frank is 41 years old and is a township clerk. My father Dieter who is 47 years old and he works as a roofer. My parents have been divorced for 12 years ago and my mother and my stepfather are married since 4 years. I have one brother who is 21 years old and he lives with my father since 7 years. My father and my brother live about 5 minutes away from my home so we have a close relationship and on weekends we often go out for Dinner, play bowling, go to the movies and so on. I have a very good relationship to my whole family and now they support my dream of becoming an au pair.

After finishing my degree as a clerk for the township from 2008-2010 I am working for the township Duesseldorf. I love my job because there I can help other people to resolve their concerns and
I try to be helpful at all the time and try to achieve the best solution for every concern. My calm personality helps me to resolve bigger problem even if a verbal conflict rises. My colleagues say that I handle conflicts very well. Furthermore I like my job because it is challenging and different every single day. Everyday I see other peoples with other concerns and so it is never boring for me at work.
I work 41 hours every week and I know what it means to work more than have leisure time.

When I come back from the USA I will be working as a clerk for the township again, because I have just a special leave to become an au pair.

Now I would like to tell you something about my experiences with children:
The names of the children I am babysitting are Tom (9) and Nico (6). They are my neighbor and so we often play together and therefore I am more than just a Babysitter. When we are together we go to the playground, drawing, go for walks, cooking, go to the movies, playing soccer, playing with toys, jump on trampoline, play videogames, play tag in the backyard and so on. You can see it is never boring with me.

Besides this I take care of two other children. One of this is Raman he is 8 month old and my neighbor, too. I mostly take care of him at the evening when his parents are out on a date night. At least sometimes I take care of a 7 month old girl. Her name is Annika and everytime she is smiling when she see me.
When I take care of Raman or Annika I change the diapers, prepare baby bottles, feed them with a spoon, take him/her to bed or giving them a bath.
Whenever I come home from my Babysitter jobs I am sad, because I love to be around children and I try to make them smile and laugh at all the times.

Why I want to be an au pair? The answer is very easy for me.
I love children. I like to care for them, to play with them and to see how they are growing up.
It was always a great dream of mine to live and work in America and I am really excited that it will become reality soon. I think the au pair job is a great opportunity to learn everything about America and how an American lives like, because as an au pair you are a part of the family and you are integrated in every step of the families life. And not at least of course I want to improve my English skills.

Why you should choose me as your au pair and what I am looking for in a host family:
A family should choose me as an au pair, because I am very fond of children.
I am a cheerful, caring, honest, reliable, nice and funny girl and I think these character traits are very important to taking care of children.
But also I know that it can be a hard job to care for children. There will be good and bad days but I think I can handle this very well with my calm and understanding personality.
Of course, sometimes children can be difficult and loud, but they also enrich our lives with their cheerful, open and lively personality.
I am looking for a host family who is open-minded, lovely and funny. I do not just want to be a caregiver I want to be a part of your family and also a big sister for your children.

In conclusion, I would like to thank you very much for taking your time to get to know me better. I am really excited to be your au pair and spent a wonderful and unforgettable year with you and your family.

Greetings from Germany